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Medical Billing & Reconciliation


Our Services

Spend more time on your business.
Let us handle all your billing and admin work.

Most doctors and other health-care providers are too busy to look after their billing and administrative jobs. The result is delayed or lost payments, paperwork backlog and loss of time and efficiency.
Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a practice with multiple doctors, You can leave all the billing work to us and focus on your practice. We will look after all your Medicare and health fund submissions and send you a monthly report as well.

How can Medi-Bill Online help you?

Working with Medi-Bill Online, you can leave all the billing and admin work to us and focus on your practice. We will look after everything and send you a monthly report as well.

Quick, efficient and affordable, our process has been designed to save you time, resources and money. At Medi-Bill Online we offer you complete billing services, so that you can spend more time growing your practice.

Benefits of working with Medi-Bill

Payments made directly to your account

Claims processed within 24 hours of receiving paperwork

Improve cash flow & save overhead costs

Peace of mind

Accredited by Medicare and connected directly to Eclipse

Monthly reports provided

More time for your business

Personalised service


Why is it so important?

Medi-Bill Online has been created to manage the medicare and health fund submissions for busy medical professionals. Working with Medi-Bill Online you will spend less time and effort on administration

Our range of services has been designed to give you excellent value for money while keeping your accounts in perfect shape

We can process the following claims:

  • Bulk bill
  • Known Gap
  • DVA
  • No Gap
  • Workers Comp

We can also handle GST Management.

What makes Medi-Bill Online your ideal billing services provider?

  • We are accredited by Medicare and connected directly to Eclipse
  • Increase revenue collection by processing 100% of your billings and
    submit unbilled items for up to 2 years in arrears.
  • We provide regular reports for tracking and monitoring
  • Payments made directly into the doctor’s bank account
  • We employ best practices for insurance and patient collections

Next steps?

For more details or a quote on our services, please call 1300 436 783 to book in for a 100% obligation free chat or email us at admin@medi-bill.online

Keeping your business healthy with our
time and money saving solutions.